Ayfie intelligence promises lightning fast text analytics

Ayfie has unveiled a new text understanding engine that the company claims can quarry volumes of structured and unstructured content at lightning speed, with near-human accuracy, saving time and money.  

The language processing technologies developed by Ayfie are based on more than 40 years of research in linguistics, computational linguistics and computer science at a number of universities in particular the University of Munich and the University of Paris.

Ayfie can artificially derive conceptual meaning from any size of datasets, documents, emails, and text by using a combination of Machine Learning and Linguistics. It finds similar concepts in a collection of documents, derives relations between entities and aggregates everything into single-document and cross-document scores.

It also similarly ranks the individual words in documents, so the Ayfie index will contain values that ultimately show how everything is related to everything else. This enables it to provide conceptual search and to create clusters (a virtual folder) of conceptually related documents.

Ayfie provides its clients with access to high-coverage, customizable electronic dictionaries that help recognise all the different variants and related terms for words and multi-term expressions, for English and all major European languages.

Extensive connectors allow for integrating information from every corner of the digital landscape. Ayfie provide out-of-the-box and database connectors to index and search your content wherever it is, however it is stored.

"Ayfie's aided intelligence provides results that dramatically impact the bottom line," says CTO, Johannes Stiehler. "Our product provides a new and unique approach in EDRM that makes tackling the challenges of early case assessment (ECA) much more efficient and transparent."

Dozens of Ph.D. theses and research monographs in finite state technology, lexical analysis, parsing, formal semantics etc. have provided the theoretical underpinnings of the approach to linguistic analysis and computation implemented by Ayfie.

Ayfie has its roots as part of Virtualworks, a global enterprise search and discovery provider, and Language Tools, a provider of machine learning and natural language processing technologies.  Following the merger of Virtualworks and Language Tools, Ayfie was spun out as a standalone business, focused on global leadership in the application of content analytics in eDiscovery and compliance.

To learn more and to request a demonstration visit www.ayfie.com/solutions/ediscovery.