Micro Focus Takes On GDPR Compliance and Ransomware with File Governance Suite

Micro Focus has announced the general availability of Micro Focus File Governance Suite , designed to help users archive and recover high-value targets faster than traditional backup systems, and assist with government and privacy mandates, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

With this suite, organisations can protect highly sensitive data from damaging ransomware attacks – giving IT more capacity to meet business demands, rather than spending time recovering and repairing critical data.  According to Verizon's 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report , ransomware was recently identified as the world's biggest security breach threat. "Ransomware is the top variety of malicious software, found in 39% of cases where malware was identified."

"Micro Focus File Governance Suite empowers IT to provision, manage and dispose of user and group storage, while also establishing policies that automatically clean up, move, archive or delete sensitive files in order to protect and quickly recover valuable content," said Joe Garber , global head of product marketing for Information Management and Governance at Micro Focus.

"This significantly reduces the compliance management burden for IT, giving teams more ability to reduce information risk and further drive the top line."

Ransomware affects organisations of all types around the globe, including those that must now comply with emerging privacy regulations.  For instance, GDPR requires organisations to construct robust defences to protect against security breaches, and report identified breaches to both GDPR authorities and customers. The File Governance Suite accomplishes this through data protection policies that enable nearline storage, point-in-time recovery, content control, file remediation, and identity driven file management.

In addition to protecting data through policy, the File Governance Suite helps organisations be proactive through smart analytics. The solution allows authorised users to analyse the content of files. Files that include personal or secure information can then be automatically moved to more secure locations, or be deleted (when appropriate).

Micro Focus File Governance Suite combines:

Micro Focus File Dynamics – a new network and file system management and protection solution that automates an extensive set of management tasks through identity and target-driven policies.

Micro Focus File Reporter a network file system analysis tool that analyses network file systems and details file storage information in order to optimize and secure networks, helping organisations meet strict compliance standards.

Features of the newly released suite include:

  • Data Protection: Protect high-value targets from threats such as ransomware with Epoch Data Protection policies - protected from direct user access and that can only be accessed through a proxy account.
  • Data Analysis and Remediation: Identify sensitive files and move them to a secure location, protecting data from unauthorised users.
  • Automated Data Management and Cleanup: Specified policies automate the cleanup of data, including most unstructured data on the network.
  • File Classification: PII, PHI, and PCI discovery that is tied to pattern matching.
  • Data Ownership: Allows those who are closest to and understand the data to be able to take action on the data.



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