Komprise Cloud Data Tool offers User and Policy Driven Archiving

Data storage solution provider Komprise has announced two major product updates: Support for both user and policy driven archiving, and the launch of its standalone NAS migration solution.

As data growth continues to explode, businesses are looking for simple, efficient ways to manage the exponential costs of storing this data. Komprise enables customers to slash data storage and backup costs by finding cold data across their Network Attached Storage (NAS), and based on policies typically set by IT, offloading this data from expensive storage and backups into cost-efficient secondary storage.

In some cases, business users may want to archive some data themselves outside of a policy which is why Komprise has added user driven transparent archiving.

Unlike the traditional data management approach of choosing between policy-driven or user-driven paradigms, Komprise Intelligent Data Management 2.9 now supports both approaches. This empowers business users to leverage their knowledge of data relevance to help manage data.

Users can analyze data growth, designate projects to be archived, and access archived data exactly as if it were still on the primary storage. Users can also do a “bulk recall” of projects that are ready to become active again.

Storage administrators and business users can now work together to modernize data management. Komprise continues to deliver transparent archiving to both approaches so users access the moved data exactly as before from its original location without business disruption.

Komprise has also launched Komprise NAS Migration 1.0, a standalone NAS migration product that enables customers to also use Komprise on standalone data centre consolidation/migration projects.



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