Box adds new security controls

Cloud storage company Box has announce enhancements to Box Relay, designed to help  users secure their most important data and collaborate more easily on various projects.

Box Shield  is an add-on service built into Box’s content management suite that helps detect anomalies and risky behaviour and prevent data from being stolen or misused.

With Box Shield, administrators can set up policies governing access to documents stored in Box, limiting the ability to share links to or download certain files.

The service also uses machine learning to alert administrators to abnormal behaviour that could indicate an account has been hacked.

For example, if a user suddenly displays changes to download behaviour, or logs in from an unusual location, the account would automatically be flagged and, depending on the pre-set policies, could be prevented from accessing or downloading files.

Box Relay, the company’s workflow automation tool, gains the ability to start workflows manually from owned or co-owned files.

Another new feature enables users to assign specific tasks to Box Groups. Finally, Box is adding the ability to approve, reject or mark tasks as complete from a mobile device.

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