Box adds new set of Security Features

Box, Inc. has announced more advanced security features to prevent accidental data leaks and protect content in the cloud. These include enhanced auto-classification functionality that extends to existing content and new exception handling capabilities for Smart Access controls within Box Shield.
Box also rolled out a set of security improvements to its core product including identity and permission management updates.

Box Shield helps reduce risk and proactively identifies potential insider threats or compromised accounts. New features and enhancements include deepening auto-classification features to prevent accidental data leakage.

Businesses already use Box Shield to help prevent accidental data leaks through a system of manual and automated security classifications for files, folders, and classification-based access policies.

Box has enhanced classification in Box Shield with the following:

  • Powered by advanced machine learning, auto-classification in Box Shield now extends to existing content in Box. With these enhancements, Shield auto-classification extends to active content as users upload, edit, move, copy, share, or add new collaborators.
  • A deepened integration with Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), which imports Microsoft’s classification labels and enforces classification-based, inline security controls within Box. Announced in March, the integration enables customers across the two platforms to ensure that only authorized users get access to confidential data and that sensitive information is not shared unintentionally.
  • Box Shield has also created more granular classification modification permissions, which gives security and IT admins the ability to choose who can modify the way content is classified.

Increasing Security Without Slowing Down Work

  • Box Shield allows IT admins to define Smart Access policies to restrict access to documents that may contain sensitive or proprietary information. Policies can be created to limit access to internal users only, prevent downloads and public shared links, and more.
  • With the new Box Shield Smart Access policy exception support, end users are able to override sharing restrictions with approved and IT-sanctioned business justifications. All exceptions are logged for auditing purposes.

Additionally, Box has strengthened its core security functionality with deepened SSO support to reduce friction for IT admins and power critical business processes.


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