Unleash Thousands of Exabytes of Data Locked Away on Tape

Aparavi and GEN3i have announced an alliance to provide companies to locate data that was previously inaccessible, and locate intelligently the right information at low cost.

In the US alone, over 345,000 Exabytes of highly regulated data is stored on tape, posing significant compliance risks and storage costs for companies. As U.S. data privacy laws hold companies to be legally liable for securing data and responding to data subject access requests (DSARs), many companies don't have the ability to identify, secure, migrate and secure highly valuable and sensitive information on legacy storage systems, like tapes.

"With more and more Data Privacy laws being enacted across the country, companies are going to be required to know their data, especially on legacy systems," says Peter Worsnop, VP of Strategic Accounts and Alliances at Aparavi.

"Tape to Cloud Migration is a huge goal of many organizations but the cost of moving all data from tape to the cloud is significant. The combination of Aparavi and GEN3i makes this transition seamless and more cost-effective than ever for companies around the world."

According to GEN3i, companies do not yet have the workflows and processes in place to be compliant with tape stored data.

  • 86% of companies find it challenging to locate and restore legacy data from tape
  • 63% of companies say managing tapes redirects IT staff from other important projects and opportunities
  • 57% say the costs to maintain legacy backup systems are prohibitive

"The Aparavi Platform enables us to quickly gain valuable insights into the content of data as we pull it from tape," says Patrick Vaughan, President & CEO, GEN3i.

"Turning that data intelligence into actionable next steps allows customers to become data compliant for any data privacy and tape migration projects."

The process of unlocking valuable data directly from tape and restoring only essential data for future action and compliance automatically. Aparavi's Platform filters regulated data from redundant, obsolete, and trivial data that can be deleted or stored on more affordable storage alternatives while also locating the precious and relevant data the user is trying to gain access to.

Additionally, the Aparavi Data Intelligence Platform enables GEN3i to provide a more comprehensive assessment of customer data with the ability to sample data sets on tape, determine whether the tapes are restorable and how much of the tape data is relevant and redundant, bypassing the need for the original legacy application that created and formatted the tape.

The Aparavi Platform exposes which tapes need to be restored and managed, intercepts newly restored data, collects the content, and indexes all metadata and deep indexing of all file content. After determining the value of each file and selecting the most important files, the Aparavi Platform assists the end-user in analyzing the data and able to act on the data such copy or moving it to data storage targets of choice including any major cloud storage.