Kyndryl and NetApp announce Cloud Alliance

Kyndryl and NetApp are set to collaborate to help organisations improve their ability to manage and extract business value from an avalanche of unstructured data including text-based documents, photos, audio and video files, IoT sensors and other sources.

Specifically, the partners will seek to create new solutions that enable companies to access, analyze and derive insights from data that sits across multiple platforms and multiple clouds.

“Increasingly the ability to manage and analyze large amounts of unstructured data in concert with traditional structured data is a key enabler of data-driven business transformation.

"NetApp’s strategic partnership with Kyndryl enables joint delivery of critical data infrastructure services that will accelerate future innovation and business impact for customers and fast track cloud adoption,” said George Kurian, CEO, NetApp.

Kyndryl and NetApp also intend to co-design advanced storage infrastructure-as-a-service solutions to provide customers greater flexibility, versatility and value from the use of unstructured information and help companies derive business value from their data.

To help companies to better organize, manage and reap insights through enhanced data management, Kyndryl and NetApp will collaborate on new hybrid cloud solutions and services tailored and tuned to address industry-specific challenges, such as:

Automotive and manufacturing – fast-track processes and better understand customer preferences

Financial services – enhance customer satisfaction and deliver more targeted offerings


Business Solution: