Egnyte Strengthens Secure File Sharing Platform

Egnyte has announced several product enhancements to its Secure File Sharing Platform that strengthen security controls, improve productivity, and ensure better operations across the business. The updates include enhancements to the web user interface (UI) through the ongoing redesign including improved readability for a best-in-class user experience (UX) and simpler, more efficient ransomware recovery features to quickly bounce back from a cyberattack.

“Egnyte is dedicated to giving our customers an easier way to conduct their business in one of the safest environments possible,” said Ramin Farassat, chief product officer at Egnyte.

Major updates to the Egnyte platform within the last quarter include:

Egnyte Web UI Redesign: Recent notable changes include font changes that offer better readability so more information can be displayed on each page, a row separator, and an updated design for links, workflows and tasks, and file previews.

Egnyte Desktop App Core: Built on Apple’s new File Provider framework, the Desktop App Core is easy to deploy on M1 and M2-based Macs. The app is tightly integrated with macOS and gives users a faster, better experience.

Snapshot-Based Ransomware Recovery: Teams can now mount and remount snapshots in an easier and more intuitive way. Context-sensitive information is also available to guide users through the workflow. Overall, this improves the functionality of snapshot-based ransomware recovery to quickly and easily restore data to a particular point in time with a single click.   

Smart Upload: Part of Egnyte’s Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) package, a purpose-built solution for AEC firms, Smart Upload helps users to organise and access construction photos faster. By linking project folders to geolocation, photos taken on the jobsite can be uploaded and automatically associated with the right folder.

Controlled Document Management for Life Sciences: Quality teams have enhanced capabilities to better streamline the management of documents, such as enabling source document download in the original file format and exporting a list of documents to a CSV format file.

In addition to the above enhancements, over the last few months, Egnyte has also increased its focus on assisting companies with Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Soon to be required for all companies that work with the US Department of Defense, Egnyte helps companies to simplify CMMC compliance with auto-generated control documentation and a newly formed free community to provide information and answer CMMC implementation related questions.


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