Ontotext unveils metadata management and tagging control solution

More than just an end-user UI for establishing a set of documents that represent a business’ own version of the Ground Truth for tagging, Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.2 makes it easy for users to quickly determine whether a use case could be automated or not across any third-party text mining service.

It also simplifies orchestrating complex text analysis across various third-party services and evaluates their quality against internal benchmarks or against one another.

With version 3.2, Ontotext Metadata Studio enables non-technical end users to create, evaluate, and improve the quality of their text analytics service by tagging and linking against their own business domain model.

With extensive explainability and control features, users who are not proficient in text analytics techniques can understand the causal relationships between the underlying dataset, the specific text analytics service configuration, and the final output.

This enhancement enables efficient user intervention, making the human truly in the loop and completely in control of the whole extraction process. Ontotext Metadata Studio is domain neutral and applicable for various domains and use cases, as the application is dependent on the underlying domain model and content to be processed.

“Ontotext Metadata Studio’s built in text analytics service is dynamically synchronised with the state of the instance data in the knowledge base, so that any changes applied to the data is instantly reflected in the extraction service’s behaviour,” said Vassil Momtchev, Chief Technology Officer, Ontotext.

“With numerous UX improvements, Ontotext Metadata Studio 3.2 truly embraces the Agile approach towards text analytics development, enabling short iteration time and fast feedback loops while trying to be as close to the business user as possible.”



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