Data analysis and cleanup for SharePoint and OneDrive

The developer of the Aparavi Data Intelligence and Automation Platform has launched new connectors to bring these data management tools directly to Microsoft SharePoint Server and OneDrive, helping organisations reduce costs, increase efficiency and reduce risk by analysing and optimizing unstructured data.

The Aparavi Platform delivers a deep dive into data and metadata in SharePoint and OneDrive to identify and provide insight into redundant files, aging files, files with sensitive information, and more. Aparavi easily scans and finds unstructured data by hundreds of criteria and can automate chores such as classifying, deleting, and moving data to offsite archive to reduce storage footprints.

Key to Aparavi’s value for SharePoint and OneDrive is its ability to assess files and locate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data - typically 25-80 percent of business files - to free up storage. Aparavi can also proactively identify files with regulated personal information such as SSNs or financial information, and confidential business data, that might be vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks.

By performing “data hygiene” in SharePoint and OneDrive, and eliminating unnecessary files, Aparavi also helps groom data for better and faster results in data analytics and machine learning.

“The Aparavi platform will significantly lighten the load of managing unstructured data on these business-critical applications, improve governance and compliance, reduce the costs of carrying ROT data, trigger archive or deletion, and even groom files for better results in analytics or AI/ML,” said Adrian Knapp, CEO and founder of Aparavi.

“The new connectors for SharePoint and OneDrive are important additions to our ecosystem of supported platforms and should be considered essential tools to extend the functionality, security, and efficiency of Microsoft products.”

Aparavi has also added SharePoint Cloud to its compatible cloud targets, enabling organisations to automatically copy or move data to SharePoint Cloud for migration initiatives to streamline operations, gain elastic scaling, and maintain data access while containing the costs of cloud capacity.

The Aparavi platform can clean data and archive it to off-site targets, such as public cloud or object storage-compatible targets, reducing on-premises storage footprint by up to 40 percent and making data less vulnerable. Its advanced search works across all systems to provide insight into data and metadata by location, owner, content, events, creation, last access, extension type, or modification date, and eliminate ROT data.


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