Enterprise Recon 2.8 reinvents Data Discovery

Ground Labs, a provider of critical data discovery solutions, has announced the general availability of Enterprise Recon 2.8, the latest version of its flagship solution. This release enhances support for additional high-scale, high-volume environments on more Microsoft platforms, including Teams and OneNote, and Salesforce Government Cloud.

The latest features extend the number of platforms Enterprise Recon supports for sensitive data scanning of any file type stored on endpoints, servers and cloud environments. As global regulations proliferate and become increasingly stringent, Ground Labs enables enterprises to meet these requirements and avoid heavy financial penalties for non-compliance.

Powered by the company’s own GLASS Technology, Enterprise Recon allows customers to define their own custom data types while maintaining their systems’ performance.

“Every day, we hear about another breach, and studies show that companies are often not even aware of a breach until months after it happened,” said Brett Gribble, head of product at Ground Labs.

“To provide a complete security and data management solution to our customers, we know data discovery must be built into the security strategy. Enterprise Recon supports the industry’s widest number and range of data types to give enterprises maximum visibility and control of their most valuable data assets.”

Other key features and benefits of Enterprise Recon 2.8 include the following:

New Global Data Types: The ability to scan and remediate locations that store unsecured Singapore telephone numbers and next-generation US passport numbers, supporting compliance with the PDPA, CCPA and other related data privacy regulations.

Data Classification: Support for the newest Microsoft Information Protection SDK version allows developers to classify and label sensitive content identified in local storage and Windows share locations.

Reducing False Positives: Other enhancements to existing capabilities supporting compressed files, Oracle databases and features to further reduce false positives in larger environments have also been added.

“Regardless of industry, size or geography, every company will eventually face a breach. The first step toward strong data theft prevention is knowing where critical data is stored,” said Stephen Cavey, co-founder and chief evangelist at Ground Labs.

“Our customers recommended some of the new enhancements to Enterprise Recon, and we delivered, offering support for the most data types in the industry and extending into more countries where multinational companies operate. With our GLASS Technology at the core, organizations can identify and manage sensitive data more accurately and without disrupting production systems.”

Enterprise Recon enables organizations to quickly discover, manage and remediate critical categories of data to meet privacy and compliance obligations. Enterprise Recon helps organizations comply with a wide range of international data protection regulations including GDPR, PCI DSS, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA, PDPA, PIPEDA and CDPA.

As a result of customers’ suggestions, in this release, Ground Labs will deliver early-stage functionality around Cloudera distribution for Apache Hive.

Ground Labs Enterprise Recon customers can now upgrade to version 2.8. For more information, companies can book a demo with a sales executive.



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