MSAB enhances digital forensic capabilities

The latest release of MSAB’s flagship product, XRY, comes with the launch of XRY Pro, an advanced solution for locked and encrypted devices.

This new tool has cutting-edge level access capabilities, allowing forensic investigators to get into some of the most challenging and secure devices. XRY's extraction and decoding capabilities now include over 44,200 devices and 4,360 app versions.

Additionally, the new release includes an improved version of the companies´ forensic analysis tool, XAMN.

With case review tracking, Detego integration, and upgraded reporting capacities, XAMN is now an even more powerful solution to discover, analyze and share critical digital evidence faster and with unparalleled ease of use.

Other notable improvements were brought to XEC, MSAB’s management tool, allowing customers to follow up and report their operations more productively and efficiently.

"We are thrilled to introduce new features and updates. These significant advances in our technology will enable forensic professionals to unlock even more data from mobile devices and it will help them uncover critical evidence that might otherwise have gone undetected. Ultimately, it means more crimes solved”, says Mikael Falkovén.

“Our goal with XRY Pro, as well as with the upgrades to our entire product suite, is to make it easier for digital forensics examiners to extract and analyse data from mobile phones.

“We realize that the success of their investigations often relies on getting access to some challenging devices. Using MSAB state-of-the art security exploits, those phones are not


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