Box Acquires Crooze AI and Metadata-Powered Applications

Box, Inc. has acquired Crooze, a provider of no-code enterprise content management applications built on the Box Platform.

Box will leverage Crooze’s team and technology -- including the company’s no-code app builder and metadata capabilities -- to help organizations address business-critical processes like contract lifecycle management, digital asset management, controlled document management, enterprise content libraries, and more.

Crooze provides a broad range of capabilities to help users get the most out of their content in Box:

  • A no-code builder for critical business-document applications.
  • An extensive set of metadata tools to greatly simplify all aspects of metadata, including adding, analyzing and managing it at scale.
  • Customized dashboards and views of underlying Box content and metadata.
  • Forms and document generation capabilities.
  • Ability to integrate with Box Relay to automate content workflows.


Crooze's capabilities enable customers to easily and quickly build apps to manage critical content on Box, including contracts, digital assets, and controlled documents:

Contract management: Organizations can digitally transform their legal contracts repository and processes with the ability to generate documents on-demand, streamline e-signatures with Box Sign, and automate processes with Box Relay for efficient handling of contracts.

Digital asset management: Marketing teams can organize, manage, share and distribute assets, automate processes through Box Relay to manage end-to-end asset lifecycles, deliver curated assets internally and externally, and streamline metadata management with robust tools for enhanced productivity.

Controlled document management: Departments can establish a secure document library on Box for controlled documents like corporate records, HR policies, and financial records, leverage Box Shield for document protection, enforce retention policies with Box Governance, manage metadata at scale by applying, editing, and searching across thousands of files, and automate processes seamlessly with Box Relay for review and approval protocols.


Business Solution: