Remote PC support from MARC IT

Remote PC support from MARC IT

MARC IT Systems Australia has announced the release of MARC version 2.0 for Windows which allows one computer to control up to 64 others, or to be controlled by another computer within that community.

Version 2.0 allows mouse and keyboard control of remote computers and intercepts Windows GDI display commands to provide fast screen transfer for all resolutions up to 2048 by 2048 in up to 16 million colours.

It converts 16, 24 and 32 bit colours to 8 bit (256 colours) before transfer in order to maintain performance and reduce memory requirement.

MARC Version 2.0 makes no changes to any Windows system configuration files other than optionally adding a start menu folder or program group and icon.

One program for both control and host mode operation are used and in single channel operation you can switch between modes at any time. In multiple channel operation you can share the screen, keyboard and mouse of any of the connected computers with all of the other connected computers. For more information call 02 9957 1507.