StorageTek develops tape WORM for archives

StorageTek develops tape WORM for archives

StorageTek has announced VolSafe, the first WORM (write once, read many) tape-based technology for tape drives.

VolSafe is a technology implemented on other media that now delivers non-

rewriteable, non-erasable archival tape.

VolSafe ensures data security by preventing users from writing over or erasing any previously written data and allows users to write additional data only on to virgin media area at the end of the last data file. Any attempts to erase data or write over data will receive a reject demand.

Both physical and logical security is provided. VolSafe cartridges have a unique bright yellow notch that allows systems operators to indentify the cartridge as VolSafe, and alerts the StorageTek VolSafe-enhanced RedWood tape drive to handle the cartridge as WORM technology. RedWood cartridges store 50GB of uncompressed data at less than US$0.01 per megabyte.

Logical security is provided by microcode on the tape drive and bit settings on the media itself, set by the media manufacturer at the time of tape initialisation. Another VolSafe bit is also set each time the data is written at the customer site.

VolSafe will initially be available on the RedWood tape drives and StorageTek plans to expand VolSafe to other new drive technology in the future.

VolSafe is currently in beta test and will be available in the third quarter of this year.

StorageTek has also released a double-capacity-tape cartridge, Extended Enhanced Tape (EETape), that allows users to store more information within their existing libraries. EETape is designed specifically for StorageTek's 36-track tape device, TimberLine 9490.

EETape's extended capacity complements StorageTek's Extended High Performance Data Mover (ExHPDM) software that reduces backup times by more than 40 per cent. Together EETape, ExHPDM and VolSafe create a backup solution that drastically reduces time and minimises the number of cartridges required.

EETape's longer tape media - 2,200 feet - has the capacity to store 1.6 GB of uncompressed and 3.2 GB of compressed data per cartridge. EETape cartridges also maintain the standard 4" x 5" x 1" form factor that ensures compatibility with StorageTek's Nearline libraries.

StorageTek's software can manage EETapes and other StorageTek tape technologies in a single library. EETapes have unique notches that identify them as such to TimberLine drives and distinctive colouring so that operators can identify them.

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