Longer life notebooks

Longer life notebooks

Digital's new range of notebooks provide mobile users with improved power savings and longer battery life.

Two of the new notebooks, the Digital HiNote VP 745 and the HiNote Ultra 2000 GTX5266M, incorporate Intel's new 266MHz Tillamook mobile Pentium processor.

Both of these notebooks include 13.3 or 14.1 inch displays, expanded 4GB hard drives, improved connectivity and graphics/multimedia capabilities.

The notebook PCs are optimised for Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 and feature specialised memory configurations to accommodate Windows NT and power management for improved battery performance. They also feature plug and play capabilities so users donÕt have to reboot when connecting peripherals and system hot-docking, which eliminates the need to reboot when connecting to NT networks.

Prices for Digital's HiNote VP700 models range from $4750 to $8600. Contact Digital; phone 02 9561 5040.