CD-ROM Toolkit for information distribution

CD-ROM Toolkit for information distribution

Rasterex International has introduced a software toolkit for distributing information on CD-ROM. RxCD runs under Windows, Windows 95 and Windows NT, and allows users to distribute catalogues, tender documents or archives containing documents, images and drawings on CD.

RxCD combines a database with a multi-format viewer, and document retrieval via keywords.

RxCD-View, the multi-format viewer, allows viewing and printing of a vast range of document types, including standard CAD drawings, scanned raster files, colour images, word processor and spreadsheet files.

Database forms can be created using a built-in graphical form painter, RxForm. RxForm allows fields, buttons and text to be quickly sized, spaced and aligned.

All software for distribution on the CD will run directly from the CD with no modifications to the user's system, which also supports a wide range of industry-standard file formats including MS Excel, TIFF-colour, AutoCAD and more.

For information contact Rasterex on 02 9344 3592.

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