Plasmon's CD-ROM recorder

Plasmon's CD-ROM recorder

The new Plasmon CDR4240 compact disc recorder from AustStor is designed to answer an increasing demand for 'inhouse' CD-ROM production.

Either slotting into a PC's normal CD drive bay (4240i) or as an external device (4240e), it is suitable for individual or short-run production across a wide range of applications, from archiving to inhouse publishing or data distribution.

As a recorder, the CDR4240 is compatible with all standard formats including CD-ROM, XA, CD-1 and CD-Audio.

As a player, the system reads CD-ROMs at 4x speed. CD-Audio sampling is supported via a SCSI interface.

The drive handles CD-ROMs up to 748MB, with an access time of 350ms and a data transfer rate of up to 700KB/s.

Four recording options are available. Track-at-once allows data to be laid down one track at a time with a pause between each recording.

Packet Writing permits the recording of smaller bursts of data so reducing any danger of buffer under-run errors.

Multisession Recording provides for the reading and writing of multiple CD-ROM sessions.

And Disk-at-once lets an entire disc be recorded in one continuous stream without any pauses, which might disrupt playback.

Available from AustStor and its nationwide dealer network, the CDR4240i has a recommended price of $1228 (inc tax), and the CDR4240e, $1340.

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