AustStor offers to swap new optical drives for old

AustStor offers to swap new optical drives for old

Purchasers of the new Cheetah 2.6GB optical drives from AustStor are being offered a 'buy-back' deal on their old models.

"We will purchase your existing 650MB drives for $450 and 1.3GB models for $850," said managing director, Lachlan MacDonald. "And we are happy to extend this offer to any other manufacturers' products."

Manufactured by Plasmon, each 2.6GB Cheetah disk holds the equivalent of over a million-and-a-half pages of text and is fully backward compatible with earlier 1.3GB and 650MB magneto-optic disks.

The drives are available in internal or externally mounted configurations.

Cheetah drives ship as a complete solution with software for Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT and Macintosh platforms. Once software is installed, the drive is as easy-to-use as a magnetic hard disk, but without any worry of potential head crashes or shortage of capacity.

With a recommended price of $3486 (inc. tax) for the external model and $3154 for the internal, the 2.6GB drives deliver twice the previous available capacity, but at less than half the cost per gigabyte.

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