Kazeon Upgrades eDiscovery

Kazeon Upgrades eDiscovery

October 22, 2008: In an industry first, Kazeon has introduced new federation, unified analysis and review capabilities for its eDiscovery solution, all aimed specifically at global enterprises.

Part of its Information Center product, Kazeon says the new features provide enterprise-wide eDiscovery deployment, faster eDiscovery, improved accuracy and a dramatic reduction in analysis and review workloads, largely thanks to the ability to performing these functions in-place and from a single console.

The company says that Information Center is designed for enterprises with distributed locations to reduce eDiscovery costs by reducing management overhead. It says the solution provides a unified view of targeted and relevant documents for eDiscovery analysis without requiring physical data movement across the WAN or creating network bottlenecks by taking expensive bandwidth resources from the networks.

The solution eliminates the need to transmit large volumes of data over WANs and creating network resource bottlenecks, or worse still - physically shipping drives between locations via courier services and then loading them back into the network for processing.

Kazeon says that the new features mean eDiscovery requests are now able to be completed with minimum management and bandwidth use, while allowing faster analysis and intelligent information federation across the enterprise.

“With Information Center, an enterprise-wide deployment of an information management and eDiscovery system is feasible and inexpensive,” said Karthik Kannan, Kazeon’s VP of Marketing and Business Development.

“While other vendors are tied to agent-based federation that provides inaccurate results while putting a drain on resources, Kazeon is able to offer affordable, accurate, defensible and easy-to-manage eDiscovery federation.”

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