Kazeon Adds Forensics to eDiscovery

Kazeon Adds Forensics to eDiscovery

November 19 2008: eDiscovery specialist Kazeon Systems has announced the addition of forensics to its eDiscovery solutions, saying the software authenticity of data and meta-data as well as maximum defensibility of the discovery process.

Dubbed KazForensics, the company says the software offers a comprehensive set of forensics capabilities, including end-to-end verification and accuracy of eDiscovery workflows, and the ability to maintain a complete chain of custody across the entire process.

Kazeon pegs the KazForensics as an ideal eDiscovery solution for corporations, law firms, law enforcement agencies and legal consultants. It claims that it increases the robustness and defensibility of in-house eDiscovery processes, and is can be used in data centres, remote offices, laptops, desktops, file shares, email servers, archives, ECM systems and more.

“With KazForensics, a corporation or law firm can ensure there is no data spoliation anywhere in their eDiscovery process,” says Jay Desai, Kazeon's VP of Product Management. “Kazeon is enabling customers to raise the standards of their in-house eDiscovery process, giving them legal defensibility in their eDiscovery projects.”

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