Autonomy puts business on ICE

Autonomy puts business on ICE

March 6, 2009: Autonomy promises a new way to govern and manage critical customer and business data with its launch of ICE, which uses the company's Meaning Based Computing technology to interpret the meaning of unstructured content.

Andrew Joiner, CEO of Autonomy Customer Interaction Solutions, said "Autonomy ICE is the only product of its kind that can dynamically monitor desktop activity such as CRM and helpdesk applications as well as live email and chat interactions, and take the appropriate action automatically and in real-time, whether it be masking credit card information for security purposes or attaching customer data to a recording."

Autonomy ICE can automatically apply compliance and governance policies to enforce Payment Card Industry data security needs, retention and disposition policies, and legal holds. Autonomy ICE's intuitive tagging and classification capabilities provide support for pan-enterprise search and litigation readiness technologies, streamlining processes such as eDiscovery and early case assessment.

It promises automatic synchronisation of live interactions, whether they be voice, email, or chat, with corresponding desktop activity, ensuring only relevant interactions are captured, classified, and appropriately governed.

A centralised, scalable policy server is used to intelligently classify and manage interactions, irrespective of their format or language.

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