Parallel power boosts Nuix eDiscovery

Parallel power boosts Nuix eDiscovery

June 26, 2009:Nuix promises speedier eDiscovery with the launch of Version 2.18 of its search platform at the LegalTech West 2009 event being held in Los Angeles, CA.

Stephen Stewart, Nuix’s Chief Technology Officer, explained, “The biggest architectural change to Nuix’s eDiscovery software in 2.18 is our parallel export processing. Nuix software was designed to use all of a server’s processing power when processing data, and was very fast. Prior to 2.18, it could only leverage one processor for exporting.

"Now, with 2.18 users will see the same great hardware utilisation during the exports they have been seeing for processing and search. This same architecture allows us to not only scale on the physical device, but easily scale across any number of servers.”

New features include meta-data profiles, PDF previews, improved file sorting and a wider variety of output options that match all major legal formats.

Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy said, “Nuix’s Version 2.18 processing system is the fastest and most comprehensive available in a single integrated platform. It allows the user to push data at rates of multiple terabytes per day – from processing through to review and production, radically driving down electronic discovery costs.”

Some organisations in highly regulated environments with strict communication policies in place are also using Nuix proactively for communication monitoring. Nuix wakes up a few minutes after midnight, indexes all the email generated during the last 24 hours and runs a series of automated searches, alerting managers to any issues of concern such as leaks or prohibited content.

Nuix has plans to give its software an even wider reach. It recently signed on as a Symantec partner under the Symantec Technology Enabled Program (STEP). Under this agreement, Nuix will adapt its Nuix eDiscovery platform to establish interoperability withSymantec’s Enterprise Vault solutions.

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