Iris casts new eye on ediscovery

Iris casts new eye on ediscovery

June 30, 2009:Ediscovery specialist Iris Data Services has expanded into a new production centre located in Joondalup, a suburb of Perth in Western Australia.

The facility will house Iris' Research & Development organization and an expanded electronic discovery production centre. This is Iris' fourth production location; they also operate facilities inOlathe, Kansas and New York City in the United States and Nanjing, China.

Iris Data Services is a supplier of electronic discovery solutions including tape restoration, computer forensics, eDiscovery, and online review utilizing their proprietary review platform, Unify.

"This office shows our commitment to our presence in the Asia Pacific region and our commitment to serving our customers 24 hours per day," said Joseph Ziegler, Iris' Director of Technical Services and Managing Partner of Iris Australia. "Perth provides us a great base for operations. We are in a time zone that allows us to service the entire business day for Asia Pacific region."

"This new production center will help us meet the growing demand for our electronic discovery services," said Major Baisden, president of Iris Data Services. "This office is the headquarters of our Asia Pacific operations and strengthens our 24/7 worldwide eDiscovery production. Our clients know their projects are being worked on around the clock."

The company recently released the Unify 2.x document review platform that completely replaced the search technology with a distributed enterprise indexing engine.

Joseph Ziegler said, "This new engine provides a high degree of speed as well as scalability. We built upon this technology to create Targeted Indexing. Targeted Indexing allows us to pre-index our customers' data, and then update the index on the fly based only on changes during the review process without any downtime experienced by our customers. This makes the system extremely fast and reliable, and also reduces project turnaround time.

"Additionally, we have designed the system to provide customers with their own dedicated resources. Every project is isolated in its own database with a dedicated server cluster. As a project grows and requires more resources, we can devote more servers to the cluster," said Ziegler.

"With this system, we can seamlessly scale from small projects to multi-terabyte projects with a high number of concurrent reviewers. Unify grows with the needs of the customer!"

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