CaseProduction 2.0 boosts document throughput

CaseProduction 2.0 boosts document throughput

July 30, 2009:A new version of the CaseProduction litigation review platform has been released by Anacomp, promising to speed eDiscovery document production throughput using an optimized workflow and a more efficient distribution of hardware-intensive tasks.

CaseProduction 2.0 promises fast TIFF-to-TIFF productions, while continuing to provide an easy means of exporting data into Native and mixed formats.

It comes with a utility to regenerate load files after completion, without having to re-run the entire production, further cutting time and costs.

CaseProduction 2.0 automatically creates placeholders for imported files that are problematic, corrupt or contain errors. Litigation support staff can then perform a targeted run of such files, eliminating the need to restart the entire production.

"CaseProduction 2.0 is designed to alleviate the stress of last minute productions, which are universally dreaded by litigation support staff members," said John Turner,Anacomp's Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer.

"By delivering enhanced productivity and scalability to an already very easy to configure, operate and maintain application, the speed, advanced error handling and load file regeneration features ofCaseProduction 2.0 will help litigation support managers finish productions earlier and with more order and control."

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