ZyLAB launches e-mail archiving, retrieval offering

ZyLAB, a provider of e-discovery and information management offerings, has launched new e-mail archiving and retrieval offering to enable organisations to integrate directly from Lotus Notes and Novell Groupwise.

The company said that its e-mail archiving bundle offers users the ability to manage vast amounts of e-mail, which helps support litigation readiness, early case assessments, e-discoveries and overall enterprise information management.

ZyLAB said that the non-proprietary and open e-mail archival and retrieval offering enables users to archive e-mail in an open standard XML format, while the e-mail itself is stored as a text, HTML, MSG or RTF file. It can also perform text analytics on the unstructured e-mail.

According to ZyLAB, it can support archiving, processing and discovery of e-mails in three different ways including user-based archiving directly from Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes or Groupwise; convert PST and NSF files into fully-searchable collections of XML, native files for the attachments and MSG files.

In addition, the server-based archiving copies all information users want to archive, such as e-mails, and newsgroups from the Microsoft Exchange Server and stored as XML files along with any additional attachments.

Johannes Scholtes, chief strategy officer of ZyLAB, said: “All our e-mail archiving and management solutions help to manage key storage issues impacting e-mail, reduce the size of e-mail databases, and address today's requirements for litigation support and legal e-discovery, regulatory compliance and corporate governance.”

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