e-discovery sounds good with Aurix

Speech analytics technology specialist Aurix has announced the launch of hound-it, desktop discovery software is designed specifically for early case assessment, e-discovery and forensic data searches.

 Aurix and is enabled with phonetic speech technology to release the intelligence from within voice recordings.

hound-it has been developed in response to audio interaction recording requirements, which many organisations must undertake to meet industry compliance standards. It significantly reduces the cost of time of call analysis, and supports the e-discovery process allowing users to search, review and analyse audio data to create a relevant sub-set.

Darren Standing, vice president of products and marketing says: “We are very proud of our hound-it software, which will make audio interaction analysis much simpler, cheaper and quicker. This information can be used for further analysis or preparation for presenting a case if necessary, and we are confident that hound-it will provide vital support for the legal sector.”


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