Nuix 3.2 delivers SharePoint snapshots

Nuix is providing native processing and review capabilities for SharePoint with Version 3.2 of its eDiscovery and electronic investigation software.

The new functionality will enable SharePoint collections to be viewed as complete, accurate representations of the look and feel of the site the day it was collected.

The new version also offers the ability to process all types of Lotus Notes databases (not just email) with increased depth and greater fidelity in a pure 64-bit environment, and allows direct ingestion of Access Data (AD01) images.

“Nuix 3.2 is about simplifying and enriching the user experience,” said Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy. “An end-to-end eDiscovery solution requires five areas of technology which must work together at scale. They are Collection, Processing, Search, Review and Export.

“While other software can do some or maybe all of these – none can do them at scale or with speed, except Nuix. Nuix 3.2 is about combining these powerful elements of our software into a simple to install and easy to use solution.”


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