Clearwell ediscovery adds legal hold module

Clearwell Systems has launched a new module in its E-Discovery Platform to manage the legal hold process.

It enables a scalable, repeatable workflow that lets legal teams create, manage and track all legal hold notices in one place, and satisfy the duty to preserve from anticipation to completion of litigation.

Additionally, because Clearwell Legal Hold is an integrated part of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, enterprises, government agencies and law firms can now use a single product for end-to-end e-discovery. As a result, the addition of the new Clearwell Legal Hold Module streamlines preservation while providing the highest level of defensibility across the entire e-discovery lifecycle.

Hold notices can be quickly created and sent to relevant custodians and system administrators via email. Different notices can be sent to custodians and system administrators, streamlining the notification process. Notices can be sent immediately or scheduled for delivery.

Hold notices can be saved as templates in the Notice Library for reuse, enabling administrators to achieve greater consistency and efficiency across the legal hold process.

Reminder email notices can be scheduled for delivery to non-responsive custodians, eliminating the need for manual follow-up.

“Increasingly, corporations are seeking to replace their manual, spreadsheet-based legal hold processes with an automated and repeatable solution in order to reduce the risk of sanctions,” said Kamal Shah, vice president of products and marketing for Clearwell Systems.

“With Clearwell Legal Hold now available as a module of the Clearwell E-Discovery Platform, legal teams can easily create, manage and track data preservation mandates through a scalable and defensible solution. The Clearwell E-Discovery Platform thus not only minimizes the risk of e-discovery sanctions, but also provides enterprises with a single, end-to-end solution to manage all phases of e-discovery.”


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