EnCase Forensic V7.03 stands alone

Guidance Software has announced EnCase Forensic version 7.03, the latest version of its computer investigation software, that now includes a stand-alone evidence processor that increases forensic processing capacity because it doesn’t tie up an EnCase Forensic license.

With the separate EnCase processor, organisations can now dedicate a computer (or multiple computers) to processing evidence and can build up a backlog of processed evidence ready and waiting for investigation using their EnCase Forensic licenses. This means less downtime due to processing resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.

Also new in version 7.03 is the EnCase review package, which allows investigators to export evidence to a web-browser viewable document, providing an easy way for forensic examiners to share their findings with detectives, lawyers, or anyone else interested in the case. The review package also allows others who are not forensic specialists to review evidence, tag files and send their review results back to the forensic examiner.

Version 7.03 also includes significant performance improvements including the ability to process new artifacts such as unallocated space, Google Chrome Internet history, USB drive registry information and mapped and shared drive artifacts.

“Our customers have been instrumental in this software update, providing excellent feedback on where to focus our efforts,” said Jim Borecki, vice president, Forensic Solutions, at Guidance Software. “We’ve already had more than a thousand downloads of the new evidence processor, so we are confident that the enhancements in this version of the software will provide our customers with greater efficiency and the ability to handle more cases.”’

Additional enhancements in version 7.03 include new and updated encryption support, usability enhancements, Google Chrome browser support and system information parser updates.

EnCase Forensic version 7.03 is available now for $US2,995 plus software maintenance.


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