FTI Consulting announces Ringtail 8.2

Integrated visual analytics within the latest version of  Ringtail e-discovery software can deliver faster and more accurate legal reviews, according to FTI Technology.

Using Ringtail software, e-discovery teams at corporations and law firms can take very large datasets, run sophisticated search queries and then securely automate the review workflow.

With a redesigned and fully integrated Document Mapper interface, reviewers easily can toggle between list views and visualisation features for more efficient reviews. Ringtail 8.2 further speeds e-discovery through new tools and usability shortcuts, including customisable colour coding of key concepts, coding hints, enhanced “find similar” features and more robust production capabilities. 

Ringtail 8.2 will allow users to create a master repository of data that already has been collected and processed. Data in the master repository can be used across multiple matters, enabling the reuse and retention of valuable legal work product such as privilege calls while also avoiding unnecessary reprocessing of data.

“Our experience working with corporations and law firms on their diverse portfolios, and often on the leading edge of e-discovery issues, helps drive innovation on the Ringtail platform,” said Jessica Block, a Senior Managing Director within the FTI Technology practice.

“With Ringtail 8.2, law firms can benefit from better deposition preparation and work product reuse.”

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