Moreton Bay Regional Council selects Objective

Moreton Bay Regional Council selects Objective

July 29, 2009:Australia’s third largest council, Moreton Bay Regional Council has selected Objective Corporation to provide process, content and collaboration management that will help the Council deliver amalgamation efficiencies and savings.

Moreton Bay Regional Council, was formed at the March 2008 local government elections due to the amalgamation of the former Queensland Councils of Caboolture, Pine Rivers and Redcliffe.

John Rauber, CEO, Moreton Bay Regional Council said “We wanted to give our staff the solution that best aligned with the way they do business. Objective’s proven capability, positive reference sites, and track record in the local government sector gave us confidence that the company is the right fit for our business.”

“For us to deliver better outcomes for our community we need to help our staff perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively, and best-practice information management is crucial. Objective will help us by providing a solution that is user-friendly and has the ability to keep the complexities of information management hidden from the user.

“This is a journey of significant change for us and Objective will play an important role in further developing our new, single super Council and assisting our 2,300 staff.”

In addition to managing their electronic documents and records, Moreton Bay Regional Council will use Objective for management of agendas and meetings; drawing files associated with major infrastructure projects or development applications and integration with key business systems such as Land Information System, Geographical Information System and its website.

“Agenda and meetings management is an important business process of any Council. Objective’s Committees will be used to assemble, approve, publish and distribute agendas for meetings. This will create a single point of access to both agenda and supporting documentation, deliver visibility to all key stakeholders, and save time,” said Rauber.

Objective will integrate with Pathway, the Council’s authoritative source for managing people, property and ratings. The type of documents stored in Pathway includes development applications and approvals, building and plumbing applications, rates notices and correspondence with customers regarding licensing or animals.“Council is committed to ensuring a timely response to community requests and enquiries. Having a consolidated view of documents related to a person or property – that can be viewed or retrieved by anyone across the business at any time – will help streamline processes and reduce the risk of ‘information silos’,” Rauber said.

“This will be an important change management project for us and Objective will partner us on this journey.”

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