SpringCM launches new version of ECM

SpringCM launches new version of ECM

July 30, 2009:SpringCM has announced the newest version of its SaaS-based enterprise content management platform.

The new release contains 36 new features and enhancements designed to improve management visibility into content processes and the packaging and delivery of SpringCM based applications by partners.

Major new features introduced in this release of the SpringCM platform include:Custom Dashboards – This feature adds new graphical reporting capabilities and enables SpringCM users to configure the SpringCM dashboard contents and layout to match the needs of a specific application. Any SpringCM custom report may now be displayed as part of a dashboard and users may choose from several different layout options for how these reports are displayed on the page. Together these enhancements provide new real-time insights into content processes and the status of individual or group metrics.

Enhanced Document Rules – New rule types introduced in this release, allow a document rule to notify another system of changes to documents in the SpringCM repository. For example an ERP system can now be notified when an invoice is approved for payment or a CRM system can be notified when a new customer fax or e mail is received, etc.

Solution Packaging – SpringCM introduced application cloning in 2008, which enables entire configured applications to be duplicated and distributed to new customers or to divisions within a company. With this release, users may now create custom "packages" of specific features – for example, two reports and an associated workflow - and package those features so that they may be imported to any other SpringCM application. This new level of granularity allows for existing applications to be updated with new features, for users within an organization or between companies to share best practice "applets" for small processes like document matching, industry specific metadata models, routing or workflows and much more.

The newest release of SpringCM also includes: compliance improvement through auditable user access justification; advance workflow enrichment; PDF handling and viewing; upgrades to the user creation process; preview page improvements; user interface enhancements; and increases to the back-end and database performance.

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