Victorian service provider Wannon Water has partnered with Intelledox and FYB to implement next-generation forms. Completion of a Job Safety Analysis (JSA), required before any high risk on-site work event, was the catalyst for organisational change. Following a successful pilot, the digital process has been extended to incorporate all forms across the business.

A flurry of cloud activity in the nation’s capital this week has centered around the certification of Microsoft’s Azure platform for secure government hosting, based on a new offering known as as Azure Australia Central.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most comprehensive overhauls of privacy regulation in recent history, and represents a significant expansion of the territorial scope of European privacy regulation. With less than two months to go until the scheme commences, Australian businesses should be asking the question: do I need to comply?

“Digital transformation” is a collective term that suggests action being taken by an organisation. While there are different definitions of the term, generally speaking, it entails an organization taking on a strategy, applying tactics, and changing from some versions of “analogue-ness” to being digital. This can be in terms of business model, operations, technical underpinnings, etc.

Scientists from Australia and China have drawn on the durable power of gold to demonstrate a new type of high-capacity optical disk that can hold data securely for more than 600 years. The technology could offer a more cost-efficient and sustainable solution to the global data storage problem while enabling the critical pivot from Big Data to Long Data, opening up new realms of scientific discovery.

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) wants to implement a new way to identify taxpayers, issuing a tender for a mobile OCR solution to allow identity documents (e.g. driver’s licence, passport or Medicare card) to be scanned on a mobile device and the fields prefilled using data held in the national Document Verification Service (DVS).

Australian solution provider Informotion is now one of the largest Micro Focus Secure Content Management Solutions reseller in the world – after taking onboard a nationwide team of consultants specialising in the iconic HPE TRIM/CM platform.

Dunedin City Council supports a population of 120,000 and is one of New Zealand's largest territorial authority areas. Environmental Health staff at Dunedin City Council (DCC) are charged with protecting and improving the health of the city’s residents.

PDF/A, PDF/UA, PDF/X, PDF/VT, PDF/E and of course PDF itself are all certified ISO standards. Each of these variants fulfils certain requirements and is preferred in different sectors accordingly. However, these formats are not mutually exclusive, as the following two examples will show. Those of you who had the dubious pleasure of learning about set theory in school may recall the concept of intersecting sets…

A Bill to set up the federal government’s biometric identity system is currently going through Parliament. But there are concerns over just how much information the system would be allowed to gather, and how that might be used to establish more than just the identity of a person