Lexmark International has announced the successful completion of the acquisition by a consortium of investors (Consortium) led by China’s Apex Technology and PAG Asia Capital (PAG). Under the terms of the merger agreement, which was announced on April 19, 2016, Lexmark shareholders will receive $HS40.50 per share in cash

Business-to-business (B2B) customers in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry take the longest to pay overdue receivables; on average, within 30 days after the invoice due date, according to a nationwide survey by Atradius. This long payment period is causing a drain on cash flow for the industry.

​With the size – and complexity – of large commercial disputes rapidly increasing, using technology to assist in their case management is becoming more and more important.​ In this article, we take a look at some recent case law developments – both in Australia and internationally – that offer some insight into how the Courts view TAR and may use Special Referees to assist with its implementation in the case management of large disputes.

John Martin’s Guide to Managing Unstructured Content, Practical Advice on Gaining Control of Unstructured Content, provides a four-step model to gaining control of unstructured content. The book is based on John’s many years of migrating content, developing e-discovery and information management tools, and serving as a testifying and consulting expert on e-discovery. In this first part of the book John gives advice and pointers for each of the four steps. 

A document management systems (DMS) is often regarded as a cure-all for every problem that an organisation has with information retrieval and records management.  While a multitude of DMS systems are available for this purpose, with the proven capability to provide such a solution, they all require system users to use the supplied software in a way that delivers the expected outcomes.

Dennis Barnedt, a major figure in the global records and information management industry, has founded, acquired, managed and developed leading companies in the sector across the United States and Europe. Now he is turning his attention to Australia and the APAC region as Executive Chairman of the ZircoDATA Group, a totally new entity created from the acquisition of the Australian operations of Iron Mountain. Ahead of his planned relocation to Melbourne, Barnedt sat down with IDM to discuss his present and future plans.

The Remington Group is PNG’s best known technology and service led organisation. Servicing PNG since 1948, it provides PNG businesses, governments and AID organisations with business services, document solutions, printing, business equipment and after-sales support.

As a youth, my friends and I read magazines like "Young Technician", "Quantum", "Science and Life", along with sci-fi novels by Sheckley, Bradbury and Asimov. Even so we could not imagine how quickly artificial intelligence (AI) would become such an integral part of our daily lives.

Cloud providers have recently introduced some new and powerful Cloud Services for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence(AI). These Cloud services have the promise to finally reap the power of AI for
automating electronic records management(ERM). But is the market finally ready? And will these new services finally convince the skeptics that AI can be used to effectively automate ERM?

Researchers at The University of Western Australia are developing a new touchscreen device that can be mounted in a fire truck to help firefighters predict where and when a bushfire will spread.