Is your organisation keen to avoid being listed as one of the Top 10 Worst Social Media Fails of  2017? Celebrities and politicians are not the only entities on social media to conduct monstrous fails. Corporations and government agencies aren’t far behind.

The Department of Finance is one of the victims of a major data breach that is believed to be the second-largest in Australian history affecting almost 50,000.

Is PDF/A the right solution to long term archiving? A German academic has published a detailed paper criticising aspects of accessibility and reusability of the format and considering the alternatives.

Veritas Technologies has announced the results of a global survey spanning thirteen countries indicating that the majority of global organisations (56 percent) operate with a cloud-first mentality when it comes to deploying new applications and managing workloads. However, the study reveals that significant misconceptions exist on the responsibility for data management, with 69 percent of organisations wrongfully believing data protection, data privacy and compliance are the responsibility of the cloud service provider.

The transportation and logistics industry is undergoing a fundamental transformation as a consequence of increasing customer expectations, innovative use and adoption of new technologies and the explosion of data and devices. The growing importance of data coupled with the need to have real-time information on the state of the business has become the biggest challenge for the industry.

Electronic invoices are starting to take over the world (one report estimates 30 billion e-invoices globally with annual growth rates of 10 to 20 percent), but they’re just the first step in modernising cumbersome financial processes.

The average knowledge worker enjoys a measly five minutes of uninterrupted time and, once interrupted, half won’t even get back to what they were doing in the first place. Yet organizational expectations or social pressures make it hard to resist the urge to check incoming emails or text messages — pressing tasks be damned.

Canadian-based insurance litigation firm, Hughes Amys LLP, has replaced an outdated metadata solution with BigHand Scrub following a firm-wide Microsoft Office upgrade.

Much has been written about renaming and recategorizing technologies in the enterprise content management (ECM) space, and it is true that traditional ECM solutions have developed into application suites, which offer a broadening range of content management, collaboration, and workflow automation capabilities.

Effective knowledge sharing is the lifeblood to knowledge-based organizations. High-performing organizations are ones that have mastered the art of empowering their newer employees with the knowledge and experience of the more-tenured, highlighting new ways of thinking and doing, and fostering a broad set of avenues for knowledge to flow up, down, and sideways throughout the organization.