We have seen and understood that customer experience ( and a digital one at that) and the overall experience economy is the current industrial revolution. Now and for the foreseeable future, CX is a key battleground and competitive differentiator.

Key international Kodak Alaris executives flew into the NSW Hunter Valley last month for the global imaging giant’s first ANZ partner event in over 10 years. There they were joined by the company’s growing roster of dedicated Australian staff as well as Australian and New Zealand BPOs, resellers and system integrators who experienced an intensive two days showcasing the drive towards Digital Transformation in 2020 and beyond.

Entering a baby’s health records into a little blue book (in Queensland a little red book) has been a rite of motherhood for many years, but could be consigned to history with the launch of trials of a new Child Digital Health Record (CDHR) in NSW.

Digital transformation is the cyclical hot topic that never dies. It seems that just a few short years ago, if your company was not on a digital transformation journey, it was going to fail spectacularly and everyone should start looking for a new job immediately…

While the cloud has delivered massive cost and agility benefits for businesses in all industries, there is one counterintuitive challenge being created by the unlimited storage capacity it offers. Because businesses can access virtually limitless storage at a low cost, they no longer have to focus on deleting anything. This means businesses are unlikely to have deletion policies in place for the cloud.

PDF is one of the most widely used formats worldwide. Numerous companies use it to exchange information between business partners or in-house. PDF offers various possibilities – which is why the format is complex. Sometimes it is necessary to define stringent quality standards in order to guarantee interoperability.

We are entering the third of three major phases of information management, each increasingly more sophisticated and powerful, and each with new and greater potential to impact a business’s bottom line.

Regardless of which industry you are in, when you are working at the leading edge of innovation you can’t help but be inundated with the latest jargon surrounding the emerging technologies. To make matters worse, there is often very little consistency or agreement around the definitions of these terms. 

Data intelligence is the foundation of digital transformation—which means there’s a lot riding on the shoulders of today’s IT leaders. In addition to supporting business goals for speed and agility, they must ensure data is properly secured, governed and compliant. Yet this task becomes increasingly complex as the volume of data continues to explode in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

PDF was originally developed as a printer-like file format. When you review a PDF file, you typically look at the document from inside a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader, and the PDF file ordinarily appears just as that file would print. PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader also give you the option to search for a word or phrase.