Veritas Technologies has announced that it is bringing together local industry and technology leaders at the Australian leg of the company’s flagship Vision Solution Day conference. Happening across Sydney and Melbourne, Veritas will hold the separate events at Water @ Pier One on February 28 and The Glasshouse on March 2, respectively.

Many have speculated if the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) signals the beginning of the end of content management as we know it. But AI can give your web CMS new life and make it much richer. After all, the best ideas often come from our darkest dreams.

In a victory which extends to parties involved in complex, document intensive litigation, the Supreme Court of Victoria on Friday, 2 December 2016, endorsed the use of predictive coding in discovery. This marks the first time the technology has ever been approved in Australia in a Court process, and will potentially lead to big changes in the way parties conduct discovery in major matters in the future.

When it comes to electronic communications at work, email is the seasoned old-timer. Everyone uses it, and for decades it’s been the default method of communication at work. However, it’s far from perfect. If you’ve ever been spammed, dropped from a group thread, caught up in the dreaded, never-ending "reply all" loop, or struggled with dropped attachments, you know what I mean.

Inland Revenue has signed a deal with New Zealand company TEAM Asparona to provide the first stage of a new multi-million dollar information knowledge management system.

The assertion that Australia has always been an early adopter of technology is challenged when it comes to big data and analytics. While a few standout organisations are investing  to build sophisticated data-science algorithms, many others are yet to categorise big data from technology fad to business advantage, according to analyst firm IDC.

One of the biggest challenges for new Records Managers is understanding how to properly categorise or classify their enterprise records.  More often than not, Records Managers start from scratch and reinvent the wheel.

There’s no prize for those who believe they know the winner of this contest, but does it really need to be policy over productivity? In this digital age is there a new perspective that can bring together these seemingly opposing fronts? One that delivers benefits to user, IT and records management.

Eric Bussy, Worldwide Corporate Marketing and Product Management Director at Esker, discusses the importance of machine learning for enabling back office processes.

IBM Security has announced results from a study finding 70 percent of businesses infected with ransomware have paid ransom to regain access to business data and systems. In comparison, over 50 percent of consumers surveyed said they would not pay to regain access back to personal data or devices aside from financial data.