Healthcare projects take to the cloud

Cloud solution provider Aconex has been chosen by Southern Cross Care (SA & NT), a leading healthcare provider in South Australia, to support the design, building and handover of two major projects for the Mount Barker and Myrtle Bank areas.

The Aconex platform is used globally to manage the world’s largest construction and engineering projects.

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) will use Aconex to securely manage all project information and processes – including documents, drawings, communications, and workflows – and provide a complete snapshot of the projects from start to finish. The not-for-profit organization also selected Aconex Smart Manuals to support the compilation of digital operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals during construction.

“It’s important for us as an owner-operator to control the construction and maintenance of our facilities,” said Daniel Rosato, development manager at Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc. 

“By using the Aconex platform, we can ensure that all documents and communications involved in the projects are processed the same way. This not only speeds delivery and improves quality, but also reduces overall risk. With Aconex Smart Manuals, we can produce digital O&M manuals that are complete, accurate and easy to manage.”

Work on the first project, an 80-bed aged care facility in Mount Barker, is now ramping up. All project information is accessed and managed on the Aconex platform. This information includes RFIs (requests for information), architectural renderings and instructions, services and civil works details, specifications, technical guidelines, sketches, mark-ups, and change orders.

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc expects that up to 140 members of the project team will use Aconex during the lifecycle of the project. They can access the secure, cloud-based platform from any office or field site. Aconex maintains version control of all documents, ensuring that everyone is always working with the latest version of every document.

Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc is also using Aconex for the master plan of its Myrtle Bank site, which will include an aged care facility, residential apartments, and the restoration of a registered state heritage building.

 “While owners have historically depended on their contractors to manage projects, we’re seeing innovative companies such as Southern Cross Care (SA & NT) Inc take ownership of the construction process for their facilities,” said Steve Brant, general manager of Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) at Aconex. “By actively managing the process themselves, they maintain ownership of all information access and workflows, mitigating the risk associated with a second party controlling the flow of documents, communications and decisions.”