Nuix lets business users get forensic

Nuix has launched a new Corporate Investigation Suite, a product bundle that makes end-to-end digital investigation capabilities accessible to non-technical users.

“Business users across an enterprise—including IT, legal, compliance, human resources, audit and security teams—can now investigate electronic documents and data without having to develop in-depth expertise in complex forensic tools and processes,” said Paul Slater, Executive Director of Nuix EMEA. “Nuix’s easy-to-use web applications allow non-technical users to collect, process, search, analyse, review, and report on electronically stored information—a complete and defensible investigative process.”

Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite incorporates Nuix Collection technology, Nuix Investigator, Nuix Director, and Nuix Web Review & Analytics. 

Nuix Director and Nuix Collection technologies work together to automate digital information collection and processing, with template-driven workflows to process data efficiently, repeatably, and defensibly.

Using Nuix Web Review & Analytics, business users can then make the evidence securely available for review and analysis to investigators, analysts, lawyers, subject matter experts, and anyone else who needs it.

“Many of our customers have disparate teams who all require access to the same data for processing, analysis, and review,” said Slater. “With Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite, teams can collaborate to find critical data, removing the silos between incident response, internal investigation, eDiscovery, and other teams and processes.”

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