Knowledge management software raises $4M on ASX

Enterprise knowledge management software provider Knosys has raised $A4 million with a successful listing on the Australian Stock Exchange 

The Company issued 20,000,000 ordinary shares at an issue price of $0.20 cents to achieve a market cap on listing of $A15.6 million. 

Founder and Executive Director of Knosys, Gavin Campion, said:“With a fully functional platform, having operational clients including one of the top four large banks, and channel partners including Singtel-Optus and Go Cloud IT Asia, Knosys expects to successfully build upon the results achieved to date."

The platform has the ability to access knowledge from multiple disparate platforms without disruption. By indexing, linking, integrating applications and providing the information in a context relevant to the User’s role within the organisation, the Knosys Platform provides a User centric/multi-device consolidated view of an organisation’s information sources.

Knosys delivers sales, productivity and satisfaction improvements across large or small organisations by providing a single source of accessible information across the organisation’s existing technology platforms. The platform is delivered in the cloud or on premise as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) operating expenditure (Opex) model.

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