M&K Lawyers court storage savings with Commvault

Australian based law firm, M+K Lawyers, has adopted the Commvault Data Platform and Pure Storage FlashArray to drive savings, speed and security through holistic management of their information assets.

M+K has deployed Commvault on virtualised servers and Pure Storage flash array in order to optimise application performance, better manage data growth as a result of rapid expansion and provide the flexibility needed to respond to future change.

With 45 principals, 275 staff and a footprint that stretches along the East coast, M+K Lawyers needed to ensure a holistic data management strategy with assurance that their business information would be available as required.

Matt Purves, M+K’s national infrastructure manager, explained, “We work in a highly competitive environment where time is literally money and every six minutes is billed, so it is essential that our systems deliver speed and reliability to support the business. Every minute saved in application performance can mean a spike in revenue.”

When first adopting Commvault software for streamlined information management including backup, disaster recovery and archiving, the de-duplication capabilities enabled M+K to reduce the amount of data they needed to manage by 90 percent – driving significant cost savings and network efficiencies.

“Since then, the introduction of Pure Storage, a leading provider of all-flash storage, enabled the firm to deliver more productivity gains through strong native integration with Commvault.”

“The integration of Pure Storage and Commvault has driven backups down to under 30 minutes and reduced latency problems with applications,” said Marcus Nessel, network administrator for M+K Lawyers.

“With the reliability and speed offered by the high performing data platform and flash storage, we have seen nearly 60 per cent reduction in tickets to the help desk and fewer application errors, freeing up the IT team to have less of a technical support focus and more of a strategic business enabler.”

Craig Wiley, Director of Systems Engineering for Commvault Australia and New Zealand, said, “In a competitive market such as the legal industry, it’s important that all the technology processes are built to make the lawyers and their supporting team as effective as possible. Through holistic data management, businesses can ensure that all employees have the information they need at their fingertips with minimal interruption, while efficiently controlling data management costs and risk.”