Sydney Adventist Hospital adopts OpenText RightFax

Sydney Adventist Hospital, the largest not-for-profit hospital in New South Wales, has chosen OpenText RightFax to ensure the secure and reliable exchange of clinical information, medical records and more.

Sydney Adventist Hospita lserves close to 200,000 patients every year at the 550-bed facility. Every day, the San sends and receives hundreds of faxes that include booking requests and patient admission details, radiology reports, medical history, account data and more.

Additionally, hospital employees often fax important files between departments as well, as material must be dispersed quickly and securely to the appropriate destinations. The hospital relies on OpenText RightFax for secure document exchange with care providers and patients, essential to the organisation’s vitality as a service provider.  

“Without the easy transfer of clinical information through RightFax, the services we provide to external parties and, ultimately, the care of patients would be compromised,” said Chris Williams, chief information officer for Sydney Adventist Hospital.

“Faxing is so important to us, we’ve got backup servers so if one fails another can take over, though high reliability keeps the instances rare.”

The hospital was able to eliminate dedicated fax equipment and individual telco lines for document exchange and replace the equipment with hundreds of multifunction devices connected to RightFax. Rather than routing dedicated telephone lines to fax machines, the OpenText solution distributes information from multiple numbers going to multiple points of contact inside its organisation.

“Gone are the days where one might have a scanner and a printer and a fax machine sitting side-by-side,” continued Williams.

“Using the multifunction devices becomes a very efficient and cost-effective way of faxing, and saves us both time and money. Rather than routing dedicated telephone lines to every fax machine, we only need an internet connection for document delivery and receipt.”

Outgoing files are scanned or supplied electronically and faxed using pre-set contact information, reducing user error and time keying in fax numbers.

RightFax’s audit trail details destination and delivery time, and automatically adds documents which have not been delivered to its queue for further attempts. Incoming faxes are delivered directly to contacts, ensuring clinical and administrative personnel can access it for the provision of care and for administrative and billing purposes.

The RightFax Integration Module also matches RightFax with the organisation’s Radiology Information System (RIS) and EnterpriseOne ERP system to speed delivery of reports and purchase orders.