Dentons Rodyk Enhances Document Review with Litera

Dentons Rodyk, a member of Dentons – the world’s largest law firm – will be the first firm in Singapore to provide all its lawyers and staff with Contract Companion, a tool that leverages Artificial Document Intelligence to achieve unparalleled analysis speed, greater accuracy, and improved workflow when reviewing and proofreading documents.

Kenneth Oh, Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk, said “To deliver the highest value to our clients and continue innovating as a firm – we are constantly sourcing for solutions that will assist our lawyers to meet clients’ expectations for transaction turnaround – while fulfilling our commitment to quality and accuracy.”

He added, “Having analyzed the time savings of legal professionals by leveraging artificial intelligence through Contract Companion and DocXTools Companion – and the risk management proposition they offered – we were convinced that the Companion suite is an impactful technology investment that would yield us immediate returns.”

Rocio Perez, Manager of Innovation and KM Solutions for Dentons Rodyk, said “The Companion suite is a key component of our strategy to deliver long-term value to our clients – by helping our legal professionals complete essential tasks more quickly, we allow them to focus on high-value work, continuous improvement and innovation.”

She added, “We are especially proud of our lawyers’ role in driving adoption of the Companion suite – and the firm remains committed to empowering our legal professionals to innovate. In particular, Loy Zhi Hao, Senior Associate, built a strong case for adoption by working through Dentons Rodyk’s internal innovation curriculum – developed in partnership with the Future Law Innovation Program (FLIP) by the Singapore Academy of Law.”