How to Guard against Accidental Data Breach via Email

By Megan Kennedy, Digitus

It is often challenging when confidentially breaches and compliance concerns are acknowledged and addressed differently across a business. Some departments are much more attuned to the types of data breach risks their business is vulnerable to, while others are further removed.

With several new regulations being introduced in 2018 – Bill S-3027 (Electronic Reporting) in the USA, General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in Europe, National Data Breach Notification (NDB) scheme in Australia, and the new Privacy Bill in New Zealand – businesses will need to ensure they comply with these new regulations or be exposed to significant penalties.

Numerous studies and research papers state that one of the top causes of data breaches is human error. Data sent by email to an incorrect recipient is top of this category. This occurs when an email is sent to the wrong person, or the wrong document is attached.

To protect against this, ‘Send Guard’ functionality has recently been added to Digitus inMailX, the email management and productivity tool for Microsoft Outlook. This adds recipient and attachment checking functionality to ensure users are sending the right information to the right person, every time they send emails.

Digitus has worked closely with several of our clients to develop Send Guard in order to minimize the impact on users and streamline email workflows.

Send Guard is highly configurable to your business workflows, for example you can set the recipients and attachments checking prompt to only activate when users send external emails, or you can also have it active for internal emails as well.

As Send Guard is part of inMailX Attachment Manager, users also have the ability to easily format and secure attachments ‘on-the-fly’.  They can quickly Clean Metadata, Convert to PDF, Compress to ZIP, Rename, Reorder or Password Protect attachments for added security.

inMailX Attachment Manager  combines recipient checking, metadata cleaning, password protection and PDF capabilities, all via a single Outlook add-in.

Megan Kennedy is Business Development Manager at Australian software development company Digitus Information Systems.