iCognition automates NSW Government business processes

Information Management and Governance (IMG) specialist, iCognition has delivered significant client business improvements by automating asset management and correspondence management processes at two NSW government agencies using iCognition’s RM Workflow product.

NSW Property and Advisory Group (PAG), an organisation of 900 staff within the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation portfolio, engaged iCognition to migrate a legacy ECM system to Micro Focus Content Manager (CM), and automate business processes using iCognition’s RM Workflow.

“The migration was a very complex one, involving over 300 pages of specifications to ensure a successful replication of the previous ECM functions in Content Manager,” said Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, iCognition Principal.

“This included workflows that automated asset management and correspondence management pro-cesses. We successfully completed the migration with very few errors, and PAG is now experiencing an excellent uptake in business process participation via RM Workflow, with over 300 active workflows within the system.”

RM Workflow is a user-centric Web interface built on top of the Micro Focus Records/Content Manager workflow engine that is zero footprint and cloud ready. The business processes are defined in CM, ensuring information security and audit capture, while RM Workflow delivers ease of access and use for end users.

Key to the product is the user experience: users can create, modify and interact with records, locations, workflows and activities from within the easy-to-use web interface, and/or via customisable email notifications.

Another iCognition client, NSW Department of Justice, is currently installing it to manage their Ministerial correspondence and briefings processes for a very large number of staff.

“The ROI on this product is excellent. Installing and managing it is minimal effort, as it is server-based and does not require a desktop rollout,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

“Additionally, the product is totally configurable by the client, avoiding costly setup scripting or development, and the reconfiguration effort is minimal when business processes change. Great returns can be expected for existing CM clients, as a small investment unlocks the value of pre-existing CM workflow functionality that is usually dormant.”

RM Workflow not only delivers existing CM workflow functions in an easy-to-use interface; it provides additional value functions such as an analytics dashboard, online editing, timeline management and other functions.

For NSW Property and Advisory Group (PAG), a key function was to dynamically allow for multiple approvers in workflows: staff can enter as many assignees as they like when creating workflows, and RM Workflow dynamically generates additional approval paths for every assignee. Previously this could only be achieved through creating multiple CM workflow templates, requiring staff to clumsily select the appropriate template each time.

The take-up of the CM solution at PAG was also facilitated by the implementation of RM Workspace across the 900 staff. This enabled PAG to expand their digital transformation agenda through better user adoption and collaboration around information in CM.

“Overall, RM Workflow delivers ease of business process interaction, while CM delivers assurance around the business process and compliance management. This solution increases the efficiency, quality and transparency of business processes, and helps enable your digital transformation,” said Mr Carruthers-Taylor.

For more information visit www.icognition.com.au and www.rmworkspace.com.au, or contact Nigel Carruthers-Taylor, Principal and Director, Ph: 0417 692 178 Email: nigelct@icognition.com.au