Law firm defends against data leaks

One of the UK’s leading personal injury law firms has added a much-needed line of defence against accidental data breaches.

CFG Law, a specialist personal injury law firm based in the UK, has added Docscorp cleanDocs to prevent inadvertent email data leaks. Human error in handling email is the leading cause of data breaches worldwide, and increasingly firms are looking for a solution to protect staff from accidentally sending sensitive client data to the wrong person.

CFG Law is one of many UK firms to deploy email recipient checking technology to prevent common errors in Microsoft Outlook: emailing the wrong recipient, sending the wrong attachment, or accidentally releasing document metadata. cleanDocs is claimed to be the only product on the market to address all three risks.

Steve Taylor, Head of IT and Business Improvements at CFG Law, saw that the business needed a solution to remove any risk of leaking information outside the firm.

“Our Lawyers are aware of the sensitive nature of the emails they send, and we wanted a way to reduce the risk of sending emails to the wrong recipient. Data protection is very important to us,” Steve said.

“We looked at an email delay solution, but we didn’t want to slow down the end-user. So, we trialled cleanDocs and found it very easy to install, configure, and use. Now, everyone at the firm cleans document metadata on send and double checks recipients so they can be confident every email ends up in the right inbox.”

“We all know accidents will happen. Even the most diligent of staff will be prone to email missends and with human error as the most cited reason for data breaches to date, it’s good to see firms such as CFG Law taking this seriously,” said Samantha Jefferies, DocsCorp VP of Sales EMEA.

“cleanDocs is the easiest and the most effective way to protect your firm from data leaks because not only does it check who the email is being sent to, it ensures any harmful metadata is removed on send.”

cleanDocs can be used to scrub metadata and send secure emails. Upon clicking Send, users can check the recipient list for external or blacklisted email domains, Reply All and Forward actions to ensure the right information is being sent to the right person every time and that the user’s actions are as intended.

On the same screen, users can action a series of time-saving tasks as part of the process: rename and clean attachments of metadata based on specific company policies and convert attachments to PDFs or add to a ZIP file for secure distribution.

More information and a free Trial is available HERE