Deloitte Legal develops first legal RPA app

Deloitte Legal and UiPath are collaborating to develop and implement cutting edge automation solutions. Among the first solutions is a robot for the legal industry which Deloitte Legal and UiPath have co-developed to drive greater efficiencies for due diligence exercises.

The robot can search public records such as a securities register, which are frequently accessed in due diligence exercises. This has the potential to drive greater efficiencies – for example in one case the robot performed a search in approximately seven minutes versus the three and a half hours it took a lawyer to do the same thing.

Making better use of advanced technologies will be crucial as increased demands are placed on the legal function, said Piet Hein Meeter, Deloitte Global managing director, Deloitte Legal.

Together Deloitte Legal and UiPath plan to create a number of solutions which address specific client pain points, rethink legal processes, and drive greater efficiencies by automating repetitive tasks and freeing up creativity. The solutions will be delivered through Deloitte Legal’s CoE and through Deloitte’s existing RCA capabilities, including the Deloitte Robotics Center of Excellence in Spain.  

UiPath has just announced it has raised a total of $US568 million in a series D funding round. The valuation of the firm now stands at $US7 billion – up from $US3 billion at the time of its series C valuation just seven months back.

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