City of Whittlesea Deploys Nintex Promapp

The City of Whittlesea council in northern Melbourne has commenced deployment of Nintex Promapp throughout its council operations.

Nintex Promapp will provide the council with a cloud-based solution to support the multifaceted demands of the organisation and enable it to capture and manage processes. The visual process mapping and management capabilities will also facilitate a culture of continuous improvement by prioritising process ownership and accountability among employees.

City of Whittlesea recently established a customer experience team which is focused on delivering excellence in line with the predicted 40 per cent growth in its community size by 2040. One of the key enablers of this strategy is to roll out Salesforce to integrate the council’s legacy systems and create a single source of information, supporting the delivery of improved customer experiences. 

Nintex will help City of Whittlesea to manage more than 100 customer-facing processes through integration with Salesforce. The council is currently prioritising high-volume customer interactions in areas such as waste, animal registration, venue hire and planning as the first set of processes to be captured and made accessible in Nintex Promapp in the next few months.

Sasha Lord, Executive Officer Customer Experience, City of Whittlesea, says, “Prior to the deployment of Nintex Promapp, we lacked an accurate record of processes and realised the necessity for a central repository. We also wanted to enable our 1,000-strong workforce to make recommendations, improvements and timely updates in the years ahead, while having access to what they need to achieve operational excellence.

“We liked the fact that Nintex Promapp is cloud based, easy to use, and has an attractive and a visual user interface.”

Initially, the process mapping and management solution will be deployed to enable the council to easily map its existing processes, before creating and capturing to-be processes which the IT team will use to build flows within Salesforce.

In addition, Nintex Promapp will support the council’s requirements to identify areas for improvement, quantify the impact of the changes, and enable the council to improve and standardise the way it documents processes and protocols across its resident and business customer-facing teams.

“Nintex Promapp will now be able to support our Salesforce investment and provide evidence to inform decision making, enabling us to improve how we work and positively impact business outcomes.”

“We’ll be able to provide transparency and consistency to both internal staff and stakeholders. This will become increasingly important as our region grows. With tools like Nintex Promapp, council resources can meet the demands to work smartly and collaboratively. Our ultimate goal is for Nintex Promapp to become a knowledge base for the organisation,” says Sasha.

The City of Whittlesea is in Melbourne's northern suburbs, about 20 kilometres from the Melbourne GPO and is home to more than 220,000 people. It is also one of the fastest-growing areas in the north of Melbourne and is forecast to have an additional 175,000 people living in the council area by 2040.