Award Winning ways with Content Manager in 2020

Micro Focus has announced the four winners of its Outstanding Achievement by Content Manager Customer Awards at the annual Realize 2020 Summit, held exclusively online this year.

Winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award was Richard Mitchell, Acting Director (Project Management Office) at Tasmania’s Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment.

Following a series of agency mergers there were multiple eDRMS systems in use across the department and one system was at the end of life. Usage by staff was low and there was a critical need for integrations with key business systems and migration to Microsoft365.

Solution provider iCognition provided an upgrade to Content Manager within its EDRMSaaS.Cloud service via a software as a service (SaaS) model, also migrating the department’s DocumentOne solution.

The department now has a platform capable of providing compliance and governance over its Microsoft 365 environment via a single EDRMS hosted in the cloud.

Content Manager is the eDRMS engine that manages the record-keeping requirements while most staff interact with via iCognition user interfaces: RM Workspace, RM Workflow and Office365rmBot.

George's River Council

Marisa Severino, George's River Council Team Leader Information Management, received the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Customer Experience. Georges River Council is a Council of the former Hurstville and Kogarah Councils that amalgamated in 2016.

Council has just over 500 users in Content Manager 9.2 after an upgrade from TRIM 7.3.

“Content Manager comes with a different licensing model and also different security access controls to that of TRIM 7. The testing team spent a lot of time understanding the different levels and comparing the access the staff required for each position.

The research and preparation paid off. The levels were applied and everything went smoothly,” said Severino.

Implementing an upgrade or new software, Severino recommends:

  • Mapping out and following a process
  • Involving essential parties with timed actions
  • Establish a contact with the supplier
  • Be prepared!
  • Most importantly, engage and train the users to gain the most benefit from the upgrade
  • Celebrate your achievement
  • Review and Evaluate


NSW Office of Sport

Gerard Calilhanna, Records Manager, NSW Office of Sport, was awarded Outstanding Achievement in Cloud Innovation. Headquartered at Sydney Olympic Park, the Office of Sport has offices, venues and sport and recreation centres spread across NSW and belongs to the Stronger Communities Cluster.

An external audit in 2017 found large areas of non-compliance with record-keeping requirements and obligations, persisting over time that needed fixing.

Solution provider Kapish was engaged to assist with the following:

  • Implement a consolidated standard Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS)
  • Create a new Business Classification Scheme (BCS) to cover the work of the Cluster
  • Consolidate multiple datasets into the new dataset Sydney Olympic Park Authority (SOPA), including SOCOG (Sydney Organising Committee for the Games of the XXVII Olympiad), as well as for the OOS, Venues NSWIS (NSW Institute of Sport)
  • Provide Record Type consolidation – key record types are shared across different organisations
  • Deliver an intense training schedule provided from late October to Go live in early December 2018


“The project was delivered on time and on budget and now provides a single approved Records Management Policy across the Cluster and a single Records Management team,” said Calilhanna.

“We have moved to electronic records management and all components of the project came together to allow business to continue to operate during COVID 19.

University of Sydney

Winner of the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Integration in 2020 was May Robertson, Records Manager at the University of Sydney.            

Robertson leads a team of 11 FTE staff in Records Management Services, a division of the University’s legal and compliance portfolio. Australia’s first University when it was founded in 1852, the University of Sydney now has over 70,000 students enrolled each year and taught by more than 8000 staff.

Micro Focus Content Manager 9.1 is underpinning a burgeoning deployment of automated information capture and digital workflows across the University campus (See full Case Study HERE.)

An important part of the workflow journey has been achieved through deployment of INFORMOTION’s Fusion integration engine for Content Manager. INFORMOTION is an Australian solutions provider.

“Fusion encapsulates Content Manager’s API coding which then allows business systems to interface with Content Manager without the need to understand its code base or communication rules,” said Robertson.

“It eliminates the need to manage custom code every time a business application or Content Manager itself is upgraded as well as providing one place for rules for access control, retention and naming conventions. Fusion underpins the automation of record capture and management.”

Underpinned by INFORMOTION’s Fusion, there are now many Content Manager-based workflows supporting the University.

Brandon Voigt, Micro Focus Regional Director of Sales, Information Management and Governance, said, “Content Manager was originally developed in Australia over 30 years ago, to improve records and document management within government. It has advanced considerably over the last three decades, and now about half the World’s Content Manager customers are based right here, in Australia and New Zealand. 

“Many of our partners have been with us from the very beginning, and they remain at the heart of what makes Micro Focus Content Manager so successful here. Our partners ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction through their expert solution design and implementation, as well as their innovative, customized solutions and integrations built on, and around Content Manager. I am delighted to see some of our key partners recognised with these awards.”