Hay takes low code approach to Banking IT

Hay, a new Australian headquartered fintech company offering fully digital banking, has chosen the Appian Low-code Automation Platform to digitise and automate all back-office processes.

Hay has focused its Appian development around optimising customer support, accelerating service delivery, and reducing the complexity and manual burden associated with regulatory compliance.  

Hay offers a cloud-based mobile-first banking platform managed via a single smartphone app.

“Our objective at Hay is to deliver a world-class banking experience to our customers, and this requires not only a first-rate banking app, but also robust operational banking infrastructure that supports the app and covers both transactional banking and fraud,” said Jason Latham, Chief Information Officer at Hay.

“We chose the Appian platform to rapidly integrate all of our financial service workflows in one centralised digital location. Appian met our needs for speed, regulatory compliance, and flexibility to adapt our infrastructure as our business evolves.”

Appian unifies enterprise data, so customer service teams have a single and trusted view of the complete customer journey. The platform also automates many customer transactional workflows, providing a fast, seamless and mobile-first experience for customers.

Automating the checks required to carry out new customer onboarding due diligence, Appian interfaces with Hay’s onboarding process. It allows customers to securely open an account in less than five minutes, which differentiates Hay from traditional banking providers that can take days or weeks.