Southern Sun goes live with digital pathology

International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra has deployed its software for digital pathology at Southern Sun Pathology, the largest dedicated skin cancer lab in Australia. They are among the first in Australia to implement a digital workflow within clinical pathology, enabling more efficient sharing of resources, competence, and images—thus facilitating better cancer care.

“To realize the true benefits of digital pathology, we wanted something much more than an image viewer. With Sectra’s comprehensive solution, we now have a robust, vendor-neutral and scalable solution that can help us reach our ambitions within cancer diagnostics. For example, our pathologists can examine skin tissues remotely, and we can utilize experts in a more efficient way,” says Paul Richard, CEO at Southern Sun Pathology.

Southern Sun Pathology recently acquired Helix Pathology, a healthcare provider located on the Gold Coast specializing in histopathology and cytology. Southern Sun Pathology performs approximately 130,000 examinations per year and Helix Pathology performs 30,000 examinations per year.

Thanks to the newly installed software, pathologists at the two sites will be able to review and collaborate around cases in a way that is not possible when using a microscope and physical glass slides. Furthermore, Sectra’s high-end review workstation provides pathologists with the right tools to perform daily tasks and reduce the pain-points associated with a time-consuming manual workflow.

“Sectra’s agnostic platform allows for maximised benefits from a financial, operational, quality assurance and clinical perspective in a multiple laboratory business,” says Dr Robert Pennisi, Digital Pathology Influencer and Chief Pathologist at Southern Sun Pathology and Helix Pathology.

He continues: “I’m excited to transition to the new solution. As a pathologist, I now have digital tools that enable me to improve patient care by performing routine tasks quicker and with a higher level of quality as well as to cooperate better around difficult cases. In addition, having a digital workflow will enable us to gain tangible positive outcomes for our patients with more efficient cooperation across vast geographical areas.”

The Sectra solution will be integrated with the two different laboratory information systems (LIS) used at Southern Sun Pathology and Helix Pathology. The solution’s vendor-neutral approach also gave the two healthcare providers the freedom to use a scanner vendor of their choice.

Sectra’s pathology solution is part of its enterprise imaging offering.